Ultra soft, cotton-twill denim material with a very slight stretch to it. I wanted something that held some really good structure so we could play with shapes and a little duality in terms of more masculine and more feminine silhouettes but that also moved with you and felt good on the skin. Brand new and a little worn in and familiar at the same time. All Uniform silhouettes are designed and dyed together so that they can be mixed, matched and worn together with variations in texture and slight differences in tone coming from the different fabrics for some really chic and cool dimension. 95% Cotton. 5% Spandex. Utility Garter Belt with double loop adjustable buckle and eyelet detail. Belt can be worn over any bottoms of your choice and strapped around the waist and legs to cinch or leave the legs open and worn loose as an outfit accessory. Adjustable waist and legs (eyelets are merely for detail decoration). Order closest to your regular size. *Laina is a 25-26 waist and wears size XS-M. Models are 24-25 waist and 25-26 waist and both wear size XS-M.