4 min read Monday, January 22nd, 2024

Day 22. sweet.dreams.

Today I wanna talk about sleep. Particularly because I had a shit sleep last night and it throws my whole everything off!! And I think a little discipline when it comes to bed and our nighttime routines is absolutely necessary. First of all, since I've been on this cleanse I've been sleeping amazing. Pretty much exactly 8 hours, easily. Obviously, no alcohol (alcohol gives me the most horrible sleeps of all time), eating well and enough, quality, nourishing foods, and increases in my workout schedule have been major. But I also have been pretty strict on turning the tv off, putting my phone down and reading a little something, even just a chapter if I'm super sleepy, so that whatever I'm scrolling through online isn't the last thing I've consumed before sleep. It's been hard to form the habit tho, I'll admit. I get into my tiktok scroll watching all these metaphysical videos and stuff and I just don't wanna stop!! But I know that blue light before bed is not good and I definitely do notice a difference. I've mentioned this in a previous post but the journal writing in the evening has also been really great. I'm able to get one last little purge out, but also take a moment to express gratitude for my day and put an intention out for the next one.

Yesterday, I drove home from my mom's house, napped for 2 hours, had a coffee at 4pm and was up til 1am which is just not something I do anymore. I never have a second coffee anymore. I was just so groggy and out of it and instead of just listening to my body and showering and getting in bed to relax for the rest of the day, I fought it. Slept like shit, woke up cranky, consumed more caffeine and just felt like a fucking grump all day. It happens. I didn't beat myself up about it and still had a pretty good start to my week but it got me thinking about how important my daily routine and my discipline with my bedtime has been for me to feel like my optimal self these past 22 days.

The whole reason I started this detox was because I knew there were things I wanted to accomplish this year and in order to be as prepared as I could be for the newness, the challenges, the changes, the trials, tribulations and of course the joy and opportunities, I needed to be constantly looking out for future me. The decisions I make today will benefit me tomorrow. Big things and small things. Creating this routine for myself has helped me work my lil disciplinary muscles. Has helped me create a habit of keeping promises to myself no matter what. Not eating right and not sleeping right are two of the simplest, yet can be two of the most detrimental things to your energy and mental state if you do not make them a priority. Sleep deprivation can make you feel like some of the simplest tasks are impossible. It can make you feel just gross inside and out and not capable or worthy of opportunities presented to you. You can feel like even the best opportunity is something you're not able to take on! Inadequate sleep has shown to increase levels of dehydration as well. And we all know how shitty we feel when we're not properly hydrated. So I challenge you to create, and stick to a sleep schedule that benefits you. They say the sweet spot for adults is 10pm. I go to bed anywhere between 8:30p - 11:00p depending on how early I woke up that day but the goal is 8-9 hours. If you need to force yourself for 2 weeks to create the routine, do it. You'll be happy you did. Get a magnesium supplement and/or tart cherry juice (I like magnesi-OM from moon juice and apothe-cherry from purium). Listen to a meditation! I can't sleep without one and Michael Sealy on youtube is the best. Set your alarm for 2 weeks to wake up early if you need to - I find this helps because this means you get tired earlier and before you know it you're jumping out of bed before sunrise and it's the BEST feeling ever. To just ease into your day while it's still quiet. No rushing. You get to decide how your day goes and how you will handle whatever life throws your way.

Love you! Sweet dreams!

See you tomorrow. x

xx L