2 min read Monday, January 8th, 2024

Day 8. servingyou.servesme.repeat.

Happy Monday <<<333 (Moon day). I hope you’re easing into the week beautifully. I was reading that the energy might feel a little murky/retrograde-y today so I hope you’re being easy on yourself. I use Mondays to ease into my week. Grocery shop, update my to do lists, workout, send emails.. nothing too action oriented it’s more like prep day for my week. 

Anyway, I want to talk about acts of service. Nothing makes me feel more connected to my higher self and all that surrounds me than doing something kind for someone else. Of course I love surprising a loved one with a gift or sending flowers but I really love when I have the opportunity to help or do something nice for someone I don’t know. I think it’s because we can be so isolated in this world and we can forget how similar we all are, going through similar experiences. It’s a blessing and it fills me with joy and life when I get the opportunity to feel like hey, I recognize you, just in the way that I hope you recognize me. That we chose to be on this earth at this same time in history to experience all this shit together in one way or another, y’know? 

So this week I challenge you to do something kind for someone else. Maybe you already have someone in mind.. Perhaps it’s the cashier at the grocery store who is always so cheerful and brightens your day. What could you do to let her know how appreciated her energy is? Or your stand-off-ish neighbor who seems to be having a tough week. Maybe you wanna leave cookies or flowers or a gift card at their door with an anonymous note? Maybe you want to pay for the person’s groceries or coffee in front or behind you in line? Or maybe you want to pray about it and leave it open. Ask to be aligned with a situation or person who needs it most. Who needs to remember. Who needs to be seen. 

This is the greatest pick-me-up of all time and if you’re already feeling amazing, even better. What a fabulous way to spread that energy. Vibing at a high frequency has the power to touch people you will never even come into contact with so just think of the ones that you do get to connect to. ✨✨✨✨✨

Love you. 

See you tomorrow. 

xx L