3 min read Friday, January 12th, 2024

Day 12. relaxxxx.laugh.

Talking to you and me both. Don’t take yourself so seriously. I see an energetic healer who has taught me to look at life as like a game in a sense. Like we chose to be who we are in this life. And it’s a pretty cool life!! She kinda teases me about how dramatic I am sometimes when instead I can look at my life as if I’m a video game character. Of course we have challenges and life changing, soul expanding, heart shattering events, but for the regular day to day, I think it’s extremely helpful to flow and make bold moves when you look at it like you’re playing your avatar in a game. It might sound stupid/simple but it works. It just makes it easier to take it all in stride and flow and swerve and handle challenges like a boss. Like, oh I’m playing this character and this character gets to make cool clothes and she has such amazing friends and family and she’s not scared to go towards this goal or try this thing because I’m playing her and I decide that she can do anything!!! And if she doesn’t like it she can stop and do something else!!!

So, I challenge you to laugh at yourself. To be silly. To relax and shrug and say shit happens and keep it moving. Enjoy life as it comes and swerve. I’ve noticed as I started this detox and been more disciplined in my daily journaling and meditating I’ve become so much more connected with myself again and who I want to be. How I want people to experience me and what kind of mark I want leave on people. When I can relax and not let the little shit wind me up so damn tight I’m able to flow and be present and calm and kind and I just enjoy my life more and my time with people and my career and when bullshit is flung in my direction, I walk through it more easily. It’s just a little bullshit. It won’t be here forever. And if I don’t handle it perfectly, oh well. I’ll handle it better next time. My avatar is going to the next level in my game no matter what because I’ve decided that she is. 

This is so simple and yet sooo effective and I thought about it all week. To know you are so divinely supported that you can throw your hands up and laugh. Fuck up. Make mistakes, change your mind, quit something you don’t like, try again, and again and again because the reality is you can’t fuck it up. Even the fuck-ups are part of the divine plan. Actually ESPECIALLY the fuck ups. Be present and enjoy it. Learn and get better at your game. Play your avatar as best you possibly can and fear nothing. Don’t take yourself so seriously that you miss it all. 

Love you. 

See you tomorrow. 

xx L