4 min read Saturday, January 13th, 2024

Day 13. pray.

I feel like the word prayer can cause a *reaction* of some sort within people who are not religious and I totally get it. Organized religion has, in a lot of ways, ruined people's trust and connection to God, the universe and their own spirit/soul. Whatever you wanna call it, prayer is a major part of my life. 

I remember the first time I prayed with an open heart. I was 5 years old and my dad was doing drugs at the time in our home without my mom and I knowing. He was bringing negative entities into our home on his back (as you do when you are under the influence, open/vulnerable and exposed to such energies..) and I could see and feel them. My mom woke up out of her sleep one night and saw one literally attached and YELLING into the back of his head. Scary. Well that night, I was in bed and I was terrified. My mom and dad had let me sleep in their bed every night that week but that night they we just like yeah no. It’s time for you to sleep in your own bed. My dad took me downstairs in the dark to show me there was nothing there. Of course I wasn't convinced and even more freaked. He told me to say a prayer and went to bed. I remember laying in bed on my back, I didn't kneel at my bed or anything, I just laid there and said a prayer for my safety and protection. I remember immediately as I prayed, feeling this warmth and comfort coming from inside my body like my whole being was being hugged by the most deeply loving energy. I just felt soothed, safe and at ease and immediately fell asleep. I will never forget that feeling. I know that God is real. But that's my experience. 

I'm not here to push God on you, I'm here to tell you about the importance of prayer. Blessing our food, blessing our water, blessing our families and ourselves as we step out into the day and as we lay our heads down at night. There is something I've noticed about my soul hearing my human voice say positive (and negative!) things to it. How it reacts. We talk to ourselves in our heads alllll day but what are we saying? A LOT of subconscious BS first, I'll tell you that much. (think, if a thought is conscious in your mind, you have already subconsciously thought that particular thought hundreds of thousands of times over. Changing our subconscious thoughts is a lot of work, one I work on allll the time - we'll talk more about that later..) but anyway, in our heads, thoughts aren't linear. It's a shitshow. A whirlwind tornado of thoughts and feelings. I find writing and speech to be HUGE for me. They take the thoughts out of my head and it allows me to purge, to hear them. Hear how real they sound, hear my pain or my fear. Hearing my excitement and my passion.

You ever notice when you're at the gym and you're pushing through a set or the last 5 min on the treadmill and you're just dyinggggg thinking *I'll never get through this I just need a little break first* BUT if you actually say out loud "5 more. You got this. Dream body. Let's get it!" hahaha seriously!!! YOU WILL PUSH THROUGH. When your being gets to HEAR you say it, it activates you.!!

Take a look at this photo of the snowflakes. Those were water droplets that were frozen and talked to both negatively and positively. Look how beautiful they are. Or on the opposite end, how broken and almost scary they look. There is an absolute and undeniable connection in the power of your words to your growth and blessings.

I want it to start to become a habit for you, as it is for me. I pray *at least* 3-4 times a day. Morning/breakfast, lunch, dinner and before bed. If I'm scared or unsure, I pray for clarity. If I feel a nasty thought, resentment, low/ugly vibes between me and someone, I pray for loving energy, patience and understanding between us. I want you to become comfortable with hearing yourself out loud. We're going to get more into talking to ourselves soon, sometimes it's easier when you feel you are talking to someone else (God, the universe, your higher self..) to start.

Love you. Bless you. 

See you tomorrow. 

xx L