4 min read Tuesday, January 9th, 2024

Day 9. play.

Today I want to talk about JOY. I think this is one of the most powerful frequencies to manifest and create from. I know for me, I tend to get swept up in the go go go of my career and my daily routine. And while I do experience a lot of joy when creating, sometimes I am lacking in that area and I haven’t made time for play which leaves me *extremely* creatively stumped. And then it just goes downhill from there. Panic. Depression. Worry. Stress. Self worth issues.. oh yeah I can spiral, babes. 

So one day I took one thing from the Artist’s Way and one thing from Rick Rubin and kinda combined them. I went to my favorite higher end fabric store and I just grabbed whatever looked fun and exciting to me. I took it all home and went on my patio and got to work. I just wanted to make a fun outfit or a cute top or something BUT I wanted to really exercise my creativity so I used Rick Rubin’s Temporary Rules and told myself I wasn't allowed to actually sew. I can cut, hammer, lace-up, pin, knot, rivet, etc etc .. no sewing. At first I felt defeated because it wasn’t *perfect* - it was sooo hard getting out of my head and my usual work mode which is to bring an idea to life, but then perfect it and then make sure it’s wearable for many people. I put all that pressure on one fun experiment that again, was supposed to be FUN. And ended up getting frustrated and feeling defeated. So I told myself you don’t even have to show anybody. It doesn’t have to be anything for this day to matter. You will not have wasted a day or your money if you are having fun and experiencing joy. So I put my music on and just started playing. By the end of the day I had created inspiration for 2 collections for this year. NOT the point of the day but it is the point of my ramble.. magic comes from joy. And from play. And from stepping out of our regular routines where we can and just exist. I remember literally squealing and giggling when it started to turn into something before my eyes. Just fun!

I was watching a video one day where someone was talking about stepping into our highest timeline. You know there are an infinite amount of realities going on for us at this time. And the one where you are the happiest, living your dream, exists. If you can imagine it, it exists. So anyway he said that the easiest way and fastest way to get there or guide ourselves there is to choose the most exciting option available to us in any and every moment, do it to the best of your ability and trust that is all you need to do. In every moment we have a choice. Follow what lights you up. 

So my day 9 “challenge” is to play. Find a day, even if it’s once a month. Once a week would be ideal but don’t stress yourself out about it. Definitely not about this. What is something you can do whether related to your career or not at all, that sparks that real, little kid excitement and joy from just playing. Literally it can be as small as ordering a coloring book, pencil crayons and markers from amazon and going to sit somewhere peaceful and coloring until you decide you wanna do something else? Or not? Or planning a camping trip or amusement park or beach day with your friends. Or it can be a new creative hobby you’ve been wanting to try like going for a drive or walk and taking photos or taking a pottery or painting class. Or taking a dance or cooking class!! Or just doing it at home with friends!! Bake cookies! Literally I know you already know what that thing is. That you've either been wanting to try or make time for. For now, I told myself I get to go to my favorite fabric/craft stores, go to my office, and just play. Once a month. I’ve been doing this since I was a little girl and my soul misses playing around just to play. But I also box on saturdays. I giggle that entire session and I do it with my best friend and we're outside in the beautiful park and I leave just BEAMING with joy.

Have fun. !!!!! 

Love you. 

See you tomorrow. 

xx L 

Shirley Baker, Girls upside down, 1966. Courtesy: © Nan Levy for The Estate of Shirley Baker and Wellcome Collection, London