5 min read Tuesday, January 2nd, 2024


Time to get into the body. I was going to save this for day 3 because today I was going to go into how we fuel. Food. What is going into our bodies and I definitely started a full detox yesterday BUT I’m gonna save it for tomorrow because the energy today really threw me. Just the stress of getting back into routine - myself and the collective energy - Tuesday is ruled by Mars so I already woke up with a GO. MOVE. agenda on top of Mercury going direct and I always find it to be extra funky in the shadow periods and at the very beginning/end because there’s just all that damn changing direction so ANYWAY. What I’m trying to say is my workout saved my mental space today. And brought me back into my body and out of my head. 

Physical exercise/movement has a direct relationship with my inner world. We are spiritual, energetic beings that wake up every day with energy in our bodies that longs to be moved around. Especially coming out of a mercury retrograde - mercury being the planet that rules forms of thinking and communication and thought processes amongst other things.. it’s a great time to get outta that head and into that body. 

Our heads can be a scary place if we stay there and only there. When we live entirely in our heads, we start to believe everything we think. So we must get connected with the body, and get in touch with our entire being. Because there is sooo much power that you hold. And getting your head, heart, spirit, body & energetic field aligned will make you feel prepared to handle anything life throws at you. 

You've heard your body is a temple your whole life, I'm sure. And it is. It's your vessel to receive knowledge and messages from your higher self. From your divine team and from the universe that is all around you, that IS you, always working with you for your highest good. Your body speaks to you in many ways, all the time. It speaks to you much easier, or rather it gets easier to *hear* it, when you treat it lovingly. Exercise keeps your body young. It is actually one of my favorite ways to meditate. I get crazy inspired when I'm running and/or walking. When I don’t feel like working out, I just tell myself to go walk on the treadmill for 20 min or I drive to my favorite hiking spot and tell myself I only need to walk for as long as I want to but just get out there, get moving. Of course it always feels so good I finish the whole hike or end up running for 45 min, etc. The point is to just get me into my body when I am resisting it the most. For me, movement brings me back into my whole being. It reminds me of my other senses. It makes me feel gratitude for my able body and for the beauty of this world. It brings me back to mindfulness. When I lift weights I feel strong and I love feeling strong. When I run I feel like I literally run towards solutions to my problems. I can literally feel myself running through blockages in my mind. 

So MOVE today! Dance! I feel singing and dancing are two of the truest expressions of the soul and bring you closer to your higher self. It just feels SO GOOD like, I cry when I sing. 😂 Start an at home workout challenge! Go for a walk, run, bike ride. Does your building have stairs? Take those instead of the elevator. Feeling anxious or angry or frustrated? Do some push-ups!! I don't know why but when I feel angry an upper body workout specifically is the fastest way to move those emotions through my body. Do yoga! Pilates! SSSTTTRRREEETTTCCHHHH!!! Learn some choreography! Seriously, pull up that youtube gym and have some fun with it. 

Just tell yourself you're gonna do 20 min a day and I guarantee even on your lowest days, once you start stretching and thanking your body for all it's doing for you, you're gonna feel so good you're not gonna want to go a day without it. I can't say it enough, physical exercise is one of the biggest things that keep me HAPPY. It is one of the highest ways I honor and love myself. Obviously, I could and I have, gone on and ON. 😂

I don’t really share my workouts and stuff because I just feel there are so many more qualified accounts online that can teach you how to properly do things and how often and how many etc etc but what I will say is that my challenge this month to set me up with a good routine for the year is 2 days pilates (tues & thurs) 2 days weight lifting with my trainer (mon & wed) and 2 days cardio - that can be a hike, boxing, the Santa Monica Stairs, or even just a walk/run on the treadmill. I know that seems like a lot to some but that’s what works for me. I love to move every day and I want to switch it up a bit to challenge myself. (Sunday is my rest day but I can’t say I’d decline a nice hike or a walk if it came up.)

Love you. GO MOVE! In whichever way feels the best to you. Your mind and spirit will thank you with glowing, loving, peaceful and powerful thoughts. You can do anything. 

See you tomorrow. 

xx L 

**Image of the Iconic Grace Jones