4 min read Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024

Day 23. Astrological Days of the Week.

Good morning!! It's MARS day and I woke up at 5am - boom. Jumped outta bed. I wanted to propose a little something I use which is astrological days of the week and times of day. Just play with it. I started doing this a few years ago - times of day can be tricky because of course, along with that, you're also having to consider the current transits AND the astrological day of the week, but again. Just start playing with it. So Monday is ruled by the Moon. As women, I think this is especially important for us to note and be more intentional with how we spend our Mondays. I've started using Mondays to prepare for my week in a very gentle way. Clean my house, water my plants, grocery shop, make lists, workout, and basically prepare and nurture myself, my needs and my schedule to take action on Tuesday which is ruled by MARS. I don't even really plan this day or plan what kind of action I'm going to take it just sort of happens. (and in a more direct and organized way because of my Moonday planning). I can't help myself. As someone with a lot of Aries placements (specifically, Mars in Aries) I love Tuesdays and this is my day where I really get shit done! Just attack my to do list like a warrior. Wednesday is ruled by Mercury so I just moved my French classes to Wednesday because I feel this will be most beneficial as it rules communication, the mind, reading, writing.. so it's also a great day to schedule an important meeting or phone call as things will be communicated more easily and clearly. Thursday is JUPITER day. My favorite day. When I was younger I used to always say Thursday has a better vibe than Friday in terms of going out and partying and the sort-of anticipatory fun energy of the almost weekend but I think this because of Jupiter. It just feels jovial and exciting - like anything can happen. Jupiter ruling expansion, good fortune, prosperity etc.. it just feels good. That said, Jupiter can expand anything so if you're going through a rough time or have a lil escapism going on be mindful of the excess. Excess substances, an excess of emotion (speaking from experience) just be mindful. Friday is ruled by VENUS so this is also a fab day for going out with friends, going on a date, getting a haircut or trying something new with make-up.. It is great for focus on aesthetics, creation, art, home decor, beautifying your surroundings.. Venus is a day for beauty, values, money, love, pleasure, passions, desires, art.. in however you choose to express/share/feel this. Saturday is ruled by SATURN. " Saturday is named after Saturn, the planet of discipline, responsibility, and karma. In astrology, Saturn represents structure, patience, and hard work. It is associated with setting boundaries, learning life lessons, and long-term goals." I naturally started using Saturday to wake up early and do a workout - either boxing or the stairs, to do majority of my laundry, clean my floors, energetically cleanse my house, fill it with new flowers, rest, and really take it for myself. It's rare I have something social planned on Saturdays and I don't necessarily do this consciously I just think my Saturdays, kind of like Mondays but in a different way, set me up for success. Where Mondays are more about feeling, rest, planning and nurturing - Saturdays are about discipline and my responsibilities. Both benefitting me and preparing me, but in different ways. Sunday is ruled by the SUN. To me, this is all about my life force, vitality, just being. I use it to rest. But I also love a get together with a friend. Brunch, lunch, watching my favorite shows. It's just a day to do what I enjoy with zero pressure. Whatever I need.

So, two apps that can really help you with this and other transits + planetary hours are Ingresses and Time Nomad. I play with planetary hours because I think it's different for different things like a meeting about my fragrance podcast requires a totally different energy than a meeting about my brand. Or a doctor's appointment with my OBGYN might be better suited on a Moonday as opposed to a Saturnday but a therapy appointment where I need to discuss how to better take responsibility for myself at work would be really great on a Saturnday or Saturn-hour. But play with it. I mean, why not add an extra tool to your tool belt to make life work more in your favor!

Love you.

See you tomorrow.

xx L