3 min read Friday, January 26th, 2024

Day 26. mix.it.up.

This is really simple and honestly there's no wrong way to do it but I wanna challenge you to switch up your routine. I find we can get stuck in such a comfort zone that doing something new or different starts to become scarier and scarier and when we aren't challenged and/or excited or passionate we start to lose our sparkle for life. I started taking french lessons last year and every week I get tempted to cancel but afterwards I'm so happy I did it. I feel like I'm enriching my life and doing something that's just for me. When I started boxing I felt the same way. It just reminds me like hey, there is always more of this and that's exciting. And it's not to make money or become better at my job, or be really amazing at it right away, although that would be great too. It just makes me feel good. It builds my confidence and when I have an interest in something else that's new, I feel less nervous to just try it because I know that I can and that I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. SO I challenge you to add something new. Literally it can be as frequent or as spread out as you want to/have time for. It can be a group thing, something you do with a friend or solo. An instrument or language you want to learn or cooking/sewing class you want to take or a writing course. You don't even need to take a course you could just pick a place you like go sit and write. Weekly sound bath sessions, the library.. there are SO many amazing things out there that just make you feel good and nourish your soul in ways we forget are just as important if not more so that our careers or what we do for a living. It's funny saying that because DUHHHH but this world is designed to make us think differently. Even though I know better, it's hard to de-program and disconnect myself from my work a lot of the time. I realized one day like damn, I don't really know who I am or what I would do with myself if I wasn't working so I started to make some changes and add other things of value to my life that didn't center my career. Which I LOVE and am literally obsessed with. But one thing cannot be everything, it just can't. There is too much beauty and joy to be had to limit it to one thing.

So rant over!! Switch it up. Experiment. Challenge yourself.

What do you wanna try??

Love you.

xx L