2 min read Tuesday, January 16th, 2024

Day 16.

This one is really simple and I’m 100% gonna come back with mine cuz I’ve been working on it but it’s not ready yet. !!!

I believe music and what we listen to, watch, read, basically all media we consume has a HUGE effect on us. Obvs. But I really really think listening to music is such an amazing and EASY way to manifest - good or bad. It really brings you into that FEELING whatever it is.. and your feelings are basically reflecting your frequency for a large part. And we want to be at a frequency that is attracting and expanding and infinitely loving and accepting and authentic. 

So let’s focus on the music we are listening to. Really pay attention to how it makes you feel because I want you to make a manifesting playlist. No heartbreak music, no low vibe negative shit. Music that makes you feel peaceful, that makes you feel like THAT BITCH. Music that makes you feel abundant and sexy and powerful and sweet and relaxed and well, however you want to feel. It can be anything from instrumentals that chill you out and make you feel peaceful (cue Andre 3000’s new flute album or The Roots Dilla Joints ** one of my absolute favessss) to Ariana Grande’s Just Like Magic or Ashanti Happy, Rick Ross, Rihanna, Beyonce etc etc etc.. whoever hypes you up. Throw in some Brazilian Jazz to imagine you’re somewhere across the world running around in a thong..  We want to have something for whatever mood we’re in. Music that feels like your dream life. Your dream you. 

Have fun!! Mine should be up by next week. 

Love you. 

See you tomorrow. 

xx L