3 min read Sunday, January 21st, 2024

Day 21. intuition.

So if you've been following along on this little self care month, your body and mind should be feeling pretty damn crystal clear right now. I feel SO connected to myself, my higher mind, my intuition, my spirit and divine team, and really everything around me. It feels really really good. As I mentioned earlier in the month, I really let myself eat & drink whatever over the holidays - I INDULGED to the fullest - which was great! No regrets! But I can say my stress levels were higher, I had more anxiety, worse sleeps, and was just less balanced within. Definitely more clouded. I did not feel as connected to my spirit. That was noticeable to me then but now, 21 days into my cleanse, it's even more obvious what I was missing. My connection to source was getting weaker because my vessel was a little polluted. Since I was little I've had a really strong intuition and have always gotten messages in my dreams. Throughout my life, I've experienced things, trauma, witnessed other people's trauma/experiences, have had other people's fears projected onto me, projected my own fears onto situations/people, and there comes a time when you need to be able to discern your intuition from your paranoia/fear. The only way to strengthen this muscle is to exercise it. I've learned that my intuition sounds and feels nothing like my fear/paranoia inside my mind. My intuition is subtle and calm and comes in really natural and confident but soft. Not aggressive or loud at all. A slight little prompt. Fear and paranoia is a little more aggressive and feels more like a rash jolt of a thought - does this make sense? So I've been playing little intuition games with myself. And it's getting easier and easier to trust, and discern, and use this amazing tool !! - that we really all have. Whether it's just wanting to take a different route home for some reason, or I don't feel like going somewhere I had plans to go to, or waiting a day to make a phone call because the timing feels off.. I trust my desire to act and I trust my hesitation. Lately, I've had a bunch of situations back to back that I felt were testing me, as I mentioned in my boundaries post. I think it was a 2 part lesson. Trusting my intuition and holding that boundary, even if it upsets someone. It was like a message of hey, there are going to be situations arising where you are going to have to go with your intuition and you might disappoint some people but if you ignore your intuition, you are going to suffer the consequences. It can be hard to trust and go with your intuition when you don't want to "be annoying" or disappoint people or cause an issue. But we all have this very powerful gift within us and I think now as the world is changing in many monumental ways, it's more important than ever to polish and strengthen our gifts of discernment and intuition. This was a little bit of a ramble but I think you get my gist. Make it a game at first. An intuition strengthening game. Making better friends with the still, small voice. Listen to that still, small voice when you are presented with choices, or when a prompt comes into your mind to act, or to wait. You will begin to realize you are never alone, you are being protected and guided at all times and the messages from the universe and your higher self are constantly, *constantly* being sent to you.

I love you.

See you tomorrow.