4 min read Sunday, January 7th, 2024

DAY 7. imsopretty.xx 

Look good, feel good, do good. I am a huge believer in this. Do I always live by it? Hell no. I fall off a lot. I try to though because whenever I remember and put in a little effort, I'm actually surprised by how good I immediately feel. It may seem superficial but why would we judge ourselves like that? Also, it's not. Don't let anyone or any of those voices in your head, whoever they are, tell you otherwise.

I’ll continue.. 

When you like how you look and feel confident in your own skin, you are more inclined to put yourself out there. To take action towards the things you want. To linger in places and take in the scenery and energy and be present. You are more inclined to take up space. We all know that feeling when you throw on a hat and some ratty sweats because we’re just running out for a quick errand and “I’m not gonna see anybody”.. but this leaves little to no room to let any magic in. What if the universe is perfectly aligning you to *bump into* someone or what if there’s an important conversation you’re meant to have with a stranger in passing that will enhance the trajectory of one of both of your lives. I just feel that when we’re hurrying in and out of places and declining invitations to new experiences or events because we’re not feeling good about ourselves, we’re blocking our blessings. Even when we’re not going anywhere, just staying home and working on the computer, putting on a cute, comfy little set and doing your skincare routine and spritzing your favorite fragrance does wonders. You are emitting a whole different frequency into the universe when you feel good about yourself. And over time I’ve noticed, whether you start with the physical or the internal, the other always follows. 

We can get lazy and stop doing this for ourselves when we're feeling low. I know I have many times and still do. I’ve actually grown to realize that I don't necessarily believe in laziness. It's either a necessary rest/break, it can be depression and/or burnout, or it can be fear or a feeling that we are undeserving so we put off, procrastinate and self sabotage a lil bit. I know on my lowest days I haven't even wanted to look in the mirror, let alone brush my hair back or worry about what I was wearing. But I want you to make a point, especially now during the start of this new year - set the tone for 2024.

For the rest of this month (and ideally, year) let's start getting cute for ourselves. Literally WHATEVER that means for you. Maybe do your make-up once a week, try out some new techniques and take some cute pics of yourself or film a get ready with me (bonus points if it makes you uncomfortable! Then you should definitely do it). Maybe light some candles and put on your favorite scented body lotion, perfume, face oil, sexy pj's and do a luxurious gua sha routine while watching your fave show and eating cute snacks. Maybe instead of wearing workout gear to your appointment put on that dress you’ve been wanting to wear. I loveee seeing a fabulous woman out running errands all dressed up for “no reason” it’s so inspiring to me!

Whatever this means for you, whatever makes you feel gorgeous, do it. I guarantee you will feel gorgeous on the inside too. I want you to know that caring about how you look is never something you should feel ashamed of. Yes, it can be taken over the top if it’s all you care about.. But putting a little make-up and jewelry on, a spritz of fragrance and a cute 'fit or WHATEVER your vibe is, literally alters and enhances how you carry yourself in life. And how you carry yourself in life is how life will carry YOU.

Have fun with it. Feel good. Feel powerful.

Love you. 

See you tomorrow. 

xx L