3 min read Friday, January 5th, 2024


I love my life. A writing exercise. I think this is the perfect thing to schedule especially for maybe the new moon next week. Or rather you can write this weekend and then do more of a ritual if you’re into that on the new moon.. honing it in. 

So basically, you are going to choose your favorite time of day. Lately, mine has been around 2-3pm because the sun enters my living room so perfectly it just fills my heart with peace and this is the exact feeling I want when writing these blog posts and the exact feeling I want when I am manifesting (which is what this writing exercise is or one way at least..). Just the most peaceful and content feeling in my heart and soul that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and I have everything that I need. 

Last year I did a lot of metaphysical “research” and one of the things I did was quantum healing with a wonderful woman in her studio. What it taught me and helped me with amongst many other very cool things(!!!) was basically how to become or embody the vibration of who I wanted to be.  How exactly would I feel, in my mind, heart, body, spirit.. if I were living my dream life in this very moment. I had to practice clearing a lot of things and healing a lot of things through vibration and how I did that is as vividly as possible, imagine how I would feel had I already cleared/healed that thing. It was hard!!! But it made me an even better visualizer and it made it easier to know what that feeling felt like in my body. So that’s what this exercise helps us practice. 

When I first did this I must have spent at least an hour and just wrote and wrote and wrote in such intense detail, exactly where I want to be in the next 3-5 years. (Or by the end of this one if I’m being honest!! Ha!) Where am I living, am I in a relationship and what does that ideally look and feel like to me, I’ve already accomplished a few major goals and I’m exactly where I want to be in my career, I love how I look, I feel strong and healthy and vibrant, I love my friends and I travel etc etc etc and then I really went into detail. How does this woman talk to herself. How does she talk to her friends, strangers, what do her thoughts sound like, is she peaceful? Kind? Wise? Does she have healthy boundaries? Habits? How does she carry herself? Does she make sure to smile at people she passes in the street, in the supermarket, with feelings of love in her heart? All the things. Write write write. Then read it again. Read it out loud slowly. Read it in the mirror and smile at yourself with pride and gratitude and excitement. You are her. You are living that life and you are soooo happy. Feel it in your bones. And read it as often as you want to keep you in that vibration every day. You are her today. Carry yourself that way today. Everything else is already here or on the way and you have complete confidence in that. Soon you won’t have to read it and you can sit in meditation and just feeeeel her. Embody her. You are her. 

I love my life. And I love you.

See you tomorrow. 

xx L 

**Image from a dream trip I took to Grasse in the South of France 2023