3 min read Thursday, January 25th, 2024

Day 25. leo.full.moon.

Where are my Aquarius placements or Leo risings at??!! I felt like this one was trying to take me out. I'm fucking exhausteddd - I think it's actually trying to bring my period a second time this month. But yes, definitely a triggering/testing week. I didn't stick to my morning routine as strictly as I would have liked, I napped a lot. But I did my best and let myself go through the motions without doing anything self destructive. Doubled down on the self care and rest and let myself have as much alone time as I needed to balance myself out best I could. And I think there are a lot of positive things here too. I love @chriscorsini on IG I love all his videos and tarot readings and he said this full moon in Leo during Aquarius season brought a strong theme of: I need to take care of me (leo) to be able to serve the collective (aqua). Which makes so much sense and I literally had started writing a blog post in this challenge called "put yourself first today." So I think this is perfect for that. The minute I started replying to friends & family today I felt such a weight lifted off my shoulders. I was reminded that I can communicate my needs and they will be respected by those I love. I tend to just isolate and lick my wounds in the private of my own home until I'm out of my funk but I forget how it can make people feel. Because I really am allllll about the "I gotta take care of me so I can take care of you" mentality but I know I can do it better. There's always room to improve.

So yes. Honor your needs first, foremost and always. With love, communication and kindness. And the best part is, once you hear that your needs are respected, you just wanna be there for your people even more! Like aw they see me, they love me, I love them so much I hope they know and feel the same way with me, y'know.

I don't really have rules when it comes to full moons or new moons but I do pay attention to the ones that are really powerful and this one feels connected to my placements as well as it's the first full moon in leo with pluto in aquarius which is all about death/rebirth, personal power, etc.. so tomorrow I'm just going to do some writing/listing about the things I'm ready to release. Really detailed. Then I'm gonna meditate on what I would feel like if I had already released these things. For as long as I feel I need to. Just feeling it allllll the way through. The gratitude and the peace I feel having had released these things. What's changed in my life now that I no longer have those blockages and beliefs? The world is constantly showing us what we believe to be true. It will keep popping up in our lives because that's our perception, our truth on how the world works. Sometimes we are ready for our worlds to look different so we need to work on our beliefs that are keeping us stuck in a certain reality. This is important all year long but why not use the oomph of gorgeous mama luna.

Happy full moon.

Love you.

xx L