4 min read Saturday, January 27th, 2024

Day 27. fast.

I decided to write this today because when I start my fast the 31 days will have already been completed. Tho I do still plan to write here and there, it may not be every day. To be completely 100, I have suffered some health issues since the v*ccine and it's been plaguing me since 2021. It appears to have triggered a sort of histamine/auto-immune response where my body wants to attack itself here and there with literally ANY sort of sensitivity to foods, supplements, anesthesia from dental work!!, few too many drinks, a lil mushroom chocolate (and I get a really good kind!!) honestly I haven't been able to pin point it yet but I'm working with some amazing people, praying and listening to my body to get to the bottom of it.

Whether you're dealing with some weird shit like this or not, I fully believe in fasting to reset the system. But I've also done it to just feel more spiritually connected for a day or a weekend because when the body isn't working to digest food and when your body is completely clear, you just get a different, deeper sort of connection with your higher self. I just feel it clears the channel to receive messages in a deeper way. I'll never forget when I first moved to LA and finally got my first apartment with my friend after about 6-10 months(??? timeline is foggy now) anyway I was just totally freaked. The reality set in that I had uprooted my life, I emptied my bank account for my work visa and I was terrified. I started fasting on the weekends that my friend would be traveling for work and I had the apartment to myself. I would wake up on Sunday and not eat until sunset. I would just lay and cry. Pray. Pray and cry and cry and pray. hahaha oh man I was going through it!! But then I remember this one prayer where it felt like I had only been praying for like 5-10 min and I looked up and it had been 45 min!! Anyway, I noticed a different type of connection so I started doing 5-7-10 day juice fasts when I really felt like I needed moments of clarity and back then, I needed them more than ever.

I feel my body is calling for that now. My birthday is coming up so I'm going to start right after and prob start with 5 days of juicing (a functional cleanse for anti-inflammation from then going into their 5 day Phast. I haven't done a fast like this in years and I just feel my body is (literally) screaming at me so it's time. As mentioned, I work with an acupuncturist and a naturopath as well as a doctor in San Fran for hormone balancing and I get regular blood work for this so definitely consult someone when doing a prolonged fast or cleanse of some sort because you always want to make sure you're getting the proper nutrients and guidance for YOU. But a 3-5 day juice fast or a 1-2 day water fast is, in my opinion, safe and sooo beneficial in ways you can't really believe until you do it. I have decided for the most part to give up alcohol going forward. It just doesn't do anything for me anymore and since I barely drink now, I figure why not. I told myself if it's a special occasion or I'm on vacation, ok. If I want. But other than that, meh. But I am leaving the option open on my birthday to have a lil sip so that's why I'm starting afterwards.

Anyway. I highly recommend a fast if you are soul searching and want to deepen your connection and open your channels to deeper, more clear guidance from your higher self and the divine team of angels that is really always(!!!!) with you. Once you notice that connection with them you will realize that they're literally always there. I giggle with them now when I get funny little signs like okay guys! Hear you!! Thank you!! hahaha. AND/OR if you feel your body needs a reset. I find a fast is also amazing for building mental strength. Things like this remind you that just about everything is mind over matter and you can literally put your mind to ANYTHING.

Love you. Be well. happy. healthy and blessed.

xx L