3 min read Sunday, January 28th, 2024

Day 28. embrace.your.weird.

I want you to think of something you were embarrassed of or tried to hide when you were younger or maybe still do sometimes?? Something that you feel might make you "weird" or that you maybe aren't or weren't sure people would like or accept about you. Whether it be something physically (for me it was my big ass forehead I was clowned for relentlessly) or something you're interested in or a certain way you do something. I want you to think about how you can celebrate and/or share that with the world in some way. Even a small chunk of the world in your circle of friends. Because this is one of your super powers!!! The ways we are unique are our gifts to the world and it is selfish to keep them to ourselves because we're worried a few dickheads might make fun of us.

I remember teaching myself ways to make/sew things. When I just needed the vision to come to life in some way and my friend at the time was dating a "real designer" and they came home when I was working and I felt so ashamed and embarrassed that maybe I wasn't doing it "right." I don't sew my own pieces anymore because it was never my true skill set - designing an idea with colors and shapes is - but technically sewing?? Nope. BUT I have come up with ways I want my pieces sewn that are not conventional and end up being brilliant and totally innovative but I have still suffered with a little nervousness or second guessing because I was doing things "wrong" but now I've learned to embrace like, if this idea is coming to me, it's coming to me for a reason. And it's not wrong, it's just different, or new. But all art is subjective and there's really no way it's "supposed" to be, other than what the artist imagines. If that is brought to life the way they see it in their head, it's right! It's perfect. It may not be for everyone but that doesn't mean it's "wrong."

Anyway, as an Aquarius along w/ some other aspects in my chart, I always have felt like I'm kinda on the outside looking in at all times. I didn't often feel understood and often liked things people didn't like or think the way people thought and in elementary or high school that can be the worst because people will just clown you and make you feel "wrong" and I feel like you can't help but want to confirm and be liked and be "normal." I remember my friend Michelle writing in my yearbook "I love you because you don't care what anybody thinks about you" and looking back, at 16, like I'm so proud of that lil girl!! But also, of course I cared!!!! Everyone wants to be liked and be "cool" but anyway, I say all this to say it sort of feels like a super power now. To be used to just not feeling "in." So you just get more brave trying whatever no matter what because why waste energy trying to make people "get" me now. It's either for you, or it's not. And that's the beauty of social media - you get to bond with your specific type of weirdo soulmates and your fabulous weird little interests and likes!!!

Anyway, this is such a blab. But basically, I want you to start doing your weird little niche thing out loud. Share it. Celebrate it. Because even if it's a niche thing, or a cool physical feature that made you feel like an outsider growing up, that you now realize you share with thousands of people.. Nobody does, has it, wears it or owns it like you. Only you, with your essence, can do it like you. And we need it, whatever it is, exactly how you do it.

Love you, weirdos.

xx L

*image via thehitchedhiker.com on pinterest