2 min read Friday, January 19th, 2024

Day 19. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

I saw this video today (tiktok @roransom) where he was talking about stacking up the things you're procrastinating on doing (which is usually fear, low self esteem, discomfort with moving forward) and just doing them anyway, boom boom boom, one after the other and watch your life change before your eyes - like a quantum jump. I absolutely agree and have seen the changes in my own life. Getting up and doing the thing right away, big or small, leaves room for opportunity. It makes room for the universe to bring you that newness, those blessings. I have a rule, because I used to be a huuuge procrastinator, that if I have time to do it now, I just get up and do it. I saw this interview with Will Smith that I completely related to where he said (in so many words) that his fear is his driving force in life. He can't stand his fear. So he leaps towards it. I am the same way in so many aspects of my life. I HATE wondering. I hate obsessing in worry and just running through all the terrifying/uncomfortable/embarrassing scenarios in my mind. I need to take ACTION or I feel like I'm going to explode in angst. I'd rather just do it and find out. Let me just do it and deal with it, whatever it may be. I will say, very rarely does it turn out to be something I regret. I always learn something. Or I get redirected to the thing I was really supposed to discover but I would have never known that had I not followed my desire and felt the fear and did it anyway. If you're thinking about it enough, it's a sign you need to just do it and see what happens. Nothing is a waste of time. You will be rewarded for your bravery and one of the biggest and best ones is the new level of confidence you have in yourself and your intuition.

So that's the challenge. Make a list of the things you've been putting off doing and do them. If you can't complete the whole thing, take a step in that direction. It gets easier and easier and soon it will be a habit. Watch the force you become and watch your life change before your eyes.

Love you.

See you tomorrow.

xx L

image via Gabriel Melo on pinterest.