4 min read Wednesday, January 31st, 2024

Day 31. discipline.

Well. Here we are. 31 days later and my greatest takeaway and most important thing I want to leave you with is how much these daily acts have positively impacted my life. I knew if I made myself write daily posts, and post them publicly I would hold myself accountable. And what I found is that was really my anchor to my other daily practices. But I didn't make myself do every single thing every single day. Some days I journaled, some days I mediated, some days I would read an excerpt from my book twice a day that would ground me in gratitude and oneness. And since I did that I made sure I did my workout every day, and since I was working out I figured I'd better keep eating great to keep my body calm. Sweating daily and eating things that kept my body peaceful and not inflamed and angry with me. And I'd just add more things when I felt like it. Sauna here. Walk there. Massage. etc. It was exactly what I needed to get back into my take this year by the balls routine and feel my absolute best inside and out.

Discipline is one of the highest forms of self love. It's showing yourself that you're serious about what you want and what you deserve. And that you KNOW you are heading in that direction, so you prepare. You set yourself up for success. Being in this state helps me connect to my creative flow and my business intuition so much more easily. It just flows. And because my vessel is so clear. I don't take days pondering and humming and hawing. I take action. I take a step, as soon as possible, to put that idea into motion. And again, because I feel so good, I have more energy to execute. I get up anywhere between 4:30-6:30am again, easily. I have time for everything - especially magic. In fact, that LUVRLACE collection came to me one Saturday morning in bed and I just knew, I had to act. By Thursday I had my samples and by Monday it was sold out. I would have sat on that and talked myself out of it before. "Nah. Too hasty. Not in the schedule." Way too rigid and not flowing with the movement of my divine ideas and creative magic.

I really believe we can make life so much more enjoyable for ourselves, easier, and more magical when we have real fucking discipline about how we take care of our inner and outer worlds. This jumpstart was exactly what I needed to start off my year. Stepping into my birthday in a couple of weeks and I feel extremely particular, disciplined and STRICT about how I want to live my next year(s). I understand that this self care practice allows me more true freedom and joy than not having any. Call it whatever you want. Rules. Guidelines. Practice. Routine. Whatever. In my mind I'm taking care of lil girl Laina and future Laina and I am STRICT with our rules because I love the shit out of them and I know when I make them prioritize their self care, they can do any and everything they want and they're gonna feel amazing doing it. I also know they're gonna be equipped to handle whatever bullshit life throws their way. Cuz it wouldn't be life without a lil bullshit.

I love you. I loved writing these. I'm still gonna come back with my playlist soon I've just been BUSY AS FUCK this month. I'll also keep writing on here from time to time. But remember you can always start fresh. You can start 30 days to create wellness habits in your life whenever the hell you want. Whenever you need it. Whenever I feel particularly stressed with work or life I give myself a little 2 week/30 day goal to just bring it home and remind myself I am fully in control of how I handle my experience.

xx L

photo via The Yoga Collective on Pinterest.