3 min read Wednesday, January 10th, 2024

Day 10. digital.detox.

I think it's really important to clean out clutter in every way that we can so we can get to the real juicy heart of ourselves. And ohhh man do we have so many distractions keeping us from that. It's really the way our world is designed. The beauty here is you have all the control in what you take in around you, and what you don't. 

I think social media is such an amazing tool. Like many amazing tools in this world, they can be used for good or they can be abused. I launched my business on social media like what 11-12 years ago now?? Crazy to think. I also learn soooo much from so many amazing creators and get inspired by so much beautiful art - writing, design, photography, cooking, astrology.. but I also take in a lot of CRAP. Things that pull me in to real low vibe conversations - ones I’m not even participating in! Just reading!! I can feel my energy being sucked into it and my mood changing. And it is ADDICTING. 

I want to stay connected. I want to see what my friends and associates are doing. I want some world news and inspo and astrology updates but lately I’ve been noticing how much of my day is wasted just scrolling. My days are getting busier as I’m getting back to work and I have a decent amount of tasks to complete. Last night I wrote in my journal asking myself why am I scrambling to finish everything in the evening when I have a perfectly sufficient amount of time to finish them all throughout the day? And it was more so rhetorical because I knew why. I had spent my afternoon scrolling and procrastinating. 

So I want you to ask yourself, as I have. What exactly am I staying connected to? Truth? Love? Things that inspire me? Or am I getting depressed, confused, angry, exhausted and drained and being kept in a constant state of comparison, desire, longing, dissatisfaction and disappointment? Not always! But often enough? Often enough is too often in my opinion. I’m not saying burrow your head in the ground and ignore what is happening around you. It’s important to stay informed but I think we are constantly taking in an unhealthy amount of information of all kinds and it pulls us away from our individual purpose. Sometimes a little isolation/hibernation is necessary. Sometimes you need to cut out the noise. 

So, I don't wanna tell you what to do, I just share what I'm doing. Which is a Digital Detox. I can feel when I've had a little too much. When something becomes a bad habit. All I do to differentiate a bad habit from a good one is pay attention to how it makes me feel and if I’m over consuming or overdoing it & I’m reallyyyy paying attention to my habits of all kinds right now because I believe our habits are who we become. I want to be a servant to my good habits not my bad ones. I'll fold clothes, and stop to peep my phone, just because. I'll make some food, sit on the couch and scroll as I'm eating. Etc etc. Habits are SO easy to form and I'm only interested in ones that benefit me. 

Unfollow, unsubscribe, throw that DND on and take a BREAK. Self love is paying strict attention to everything you consume and how it makes you feel. 

Love you. 

See you tomorrow.

xx L