5 min read Wednesday, January 3rd, 2024


Alright. Yesterday we got into moving the body. Today, let’s talk about how we fuel for that movement and energy! 

I love a challenge. I love a detox. I love an opportunity to feel better and better inside and out. That said, it’s been a while for me. I used to take it to (prob unnecessary) extremes. But I just really love to try everything I can possibly get my hands on when it comes to the wellness world. I’m so intrigued by new knowledge and/or the uncovering of ancient wisdom on the tools Mother Nature and this earth gives us through food and plant medicine. I traveled to Europe a couple times this year and got reallyyyyy lenient with myself. I don’t regret a thing but I def had more than my fair share of aperol spritz’s and cigarettes and martinis and wine and decadent, delicious food. And I took that indulgent spirit straight through the holidays and now I am ready to clean ‘er up. 

You are what you eat. The majority of our serotonin is produced in the gut. I have learned that I feel the most in alignment when I am actively participating in my thoughts & which ones I give weight to (because thoughts and emotions are so heavily connected and I so believe that our emotions and how we FEEL is basically the driver in what we’re experiencing and how we are creating our reality), and my meals. MY FUEL. Choosing my thoughts, noticing thought patterns and redirecting them if necessary by talking out loud or physical sensation like exercise or a shower, or meditation.. And when I am nourishing my body with the food is needs. The best way for my body to tell me what it needs is by cleaning it out. When I am feeling really good, eating clean, sleeping well and exercising, my body craves more healthy, nourishing, whole foods. It makes it really easy to trust my cravings because I trust I am in a happy, balanced state and my body wants more of that. When I am drinking, not sleeping properly, lagging on my workouts and generally being a little lazy in my self care, I crave CRAP. No this doesn’t include my time of the month I think balance is key in everything in life and a little indulgence is healthy. 

But when I detox I am a strict MF. 

Right now I am doing 31 days of clean, whole foods. No wheat, no dairy, no sugar unless from fruits, no processed foods, no fermented foods, no sauces unless I make my own salad dressing.. 1 coffee a day. No alcohol. No smoking, no substances of any kind. I am also doing the Taio He cleanse by Nature’s Sunshine for the first 15 days along with some other supplements that support digestion and liver detox and lymphatic support. I see a naturopath and an acupuncturist to test my body for things and amounts and frequency of supplements, I am also a very seasoned detoxer !!! I’ve tried so many things so I am going to keep the entirety of my regimen to myself just to be responsible because I don’t want anyone to make themselves sick. Honestly, just starting an elimination diet if you’ve never done a major detox before would be HUGE and you would notice monumental differences in your mood, body and spirit I promise you. 

So. I challenge you to an elimination diet. No processed foods. No alcohol, limit caffeine and substances. Cook your meals at home, make your own dressings for big, yummy, colorful salads and use clean, conscious protein. Add an ass load more greens and veggies to your diet and maybe swap a lunch here and there for a filling and nutritious smoothie. The more colorful your diet, the better. I love seeing my fridge filled with fresh fruits and veggies and being challenged to be creative with my meals and still make them tasty with spices and jalapeños and onions and garlic and citrus etc etc instead of the usual sauces I so easily go to. It is a challenge but it becomes more and more satisfying with each passing day because the fog in your brain will clear, your skin and eyes will clear, you will feel more peace in your body and you will have so much more ENERGY! And wayyy better sleeps!! It’s addicting. I love that little bit of nervousness and teeny bit of dread I get when starting a cleanse it’s like a love/hate that I LOVE more than anything because I get so excited to feel like a charged up battery. 

The most important thing I want you to monitor during the elimination diet is your mood. Notice the peace you feel when you cut out these unnecessary toxins and sugars. And it only gets better as your body starts to clean itself out. You don't need to go ham, just start to take things away and see how you feel without them. Remember this isn't a punishment. It's not that you "can't" have it. You can have whatever you want! That’s the best way for me to get through something is knowing I can stop whenever I want. But will I be proud of that? No. Discipline is one of the highest forms of self love. When we can keep promises to ourselves it raises our self confidence and self esteem tenfold because if you can’t keep a promise to yourself who are you willing to keep one for? Are you not the most important person in your life? Main character?? YES.

Right now you are wanting focus, clarity and control of your mind. So cut out whatever you think might be fucking with that. Have you ever heard of your gut being your second brain? I actually believe it deserves even more credit than that and you will learn as you start to clean it out just how much power it has on your entire being. Physically and spiritually. 

Clean out that vessel. Get it ready to receive divine guidance. 

Love you. See you tomorrow. 

xx L